The 2011 Bloggers

Tyler Bridges

I am a senior of paleontology at Montana State University. I am originally from South Carolina and decided to attend MSU for the paleontology option offered there. I love travelling, learning languages and doing research. I am very excited for the upcoming trip to China.

Bryan Hurtle

I am a senior at Carroll College in Helena, Mont. I was also born in Helena and have lived there ever since. I enjoy staying active and spending time in the outdoors, biking and hiking. My majors are biology and chemistry, and I plan to go to graduate school for medicinal chemistry. I applied for this research experience for the opportunity of international travel and to gain further experience i n the scientific world.

Betsy Kruk

I am now a senior in paleontology at Montana State University. Originally, I’m from Chicago and came out to Montana for the mountains and dinosaurs. Since I was little I have always wanted to be a paleontologist and recently decided to pursue a career as a professor. On a less serious note, I love to read, run, ride horses and play video games.

Christi Lorang

I am a junior at the University of Montana Western, which is in Dillon, Mont. I am an environmental science major, minoring in geology and wetlands management. This opportunity to travel abroad to China and do research on dinosaur eggs was presented to me casually in passing by Dr. Rob Thomas after class. The chance to perform research in a lab and in a field-based setting will give me the skills to conduct my own scientific research someday and will give me experience with collaborative research. These skills will help when applying to graduate school. I feel that there are many different career paths that I would like to pursue, however, they all have something in common: a research component.

I would like to thank Frankie Jackson and Dave Varricchio for this opportunity to travel to China and to physically hold dinosaur eggs. I am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons and for the experience that will last for a lifetime.

Ashley Poust

Ashley Poust is a graduate student with Dave Varricchio. After graduating from Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill., he lived for a year in Wuhan, China and taught English at the Central China Normal University. Ash’s work concerns primarily small Chinese feathered theropods, but he also dabbles in pterosaurs and mammals. When he isn’t thinking evolutionarily, he loves hiking, cooking, and playing racquetball and guitar. Ash will be attending the University of California at Berkeley next year to earn his doctorate in biology. He is very excited to participate in this trip and help introduce the wonders of China to a new generation of students.

Hannah Susorney

I’m originally from Marquette, Mich. I just finished my sophomore year at Montana State University with a major in geology. I found out about this program from the group that went last year. I spend my time in Bozeman hiking, reading and dressing my cat up in cute outfits.

Jobe Traywick

I am a geology major at Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Mont. Born and raised in Arcata, Calif., I was not much of a student in high school but upon going back to school at College of the Redwoods found the passion for learning I ignored in high school. Playing football led to me enrolling in school and becoming a good student and once again football led me to Rocky Mountain College, which provided me with the opportunity to apply for this international research project. I have always been very interested in geology, especially tectonic forces and how landscapes are shaped/changed over time. I entered RMC as an environmental science major but was accidentally placed in a mineralogy class that only geology majors take. I was so intrigued by the material and impressed with the professor, Dr. Kalakay, because he held students to very high standards, that I decided to become a geologist.

Josette WoodenLegs

I am from Lame Deer, Mont. I am a Chief Dull Knife College alumna, and I am Northern Cheyenne. I was one of the students selected for the International Research Experience for students. My interests are anthropology and new media arts. We will be traveling to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China to study paleontology on dinosaur eggs. I will be in charge of the media aspect of the research including videography, photography, and content developer for BTC studio 1080 for the Montana State University-Bozeman website.

Amanda Wregglesworth

I am currently a student at Carroll College where I am studying a combination of biology and earth science. I started college as a biology student but then realized my childhood passion of collecting and analyzing rocks never died. I don’t have certain career plans, but I am looking into biological oceanography, an earth science-related job, or teaching. The opportunity to research dinosaur eggs in China appealed to me because it allows me to research what is not available at my school as well as become efficient and more confident in the scientific method. I am also interested in other cultures, so this was the perfect chance to explore and meet some amazing people.


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