The 2010 Bloggers

Annie AryeAnnie Ayre

I was born in Billings, Mont., and I have lived here most of my life.  I’m currently attending Rocky Mountain College and will be a junior this upcoming school year.  My intention is to receive an undergraduate degree in geology and then continue to graduate school.  My hobbies include traveling, eating, and anything outdoors.  My experiences abroad have been limited thus far so, this is a new and exciting experience for me.  Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of cross-cultural research careers for myself and my fellow travelers.

Danny BartaDanny Barta

I am from Helena, Mont., and have just completed my sophomore year at MSU as an undergraduate paleontology major in the MSU Department of Earth Sciences.  I am also a Presidential Scholar in the University Honors Program.  I applied for the Dinosaur Eggs and Education trip because of my desire to gain valuable research experience that will aid me in my goal of eventually obtaining a research and teaching position in paleontology.  I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to experience the people, places, and culture of China, as well as being part of an international research collaboration.

Krista BrundridgeKrista Brundridge

My name is Krista Brundridge and I have just completed my junior year in college.  I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, Ill., and usually spent my summers in western Colorado. I have had the opportunity to do field work in Rabbit Valley, Colo., through the Museum of Western Colorado, in Kemmerer, Wyo., through the Field Museum of Chicago and in Jordan, Mont., through the Museum of the Rockies.  I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to start getting into more the research aspect of paleontology. 

Chantell BuryChantell Bury

My name is Chantell Bury from Glendive, Mont., and I am aspiring to earn a B.S. in Earth Science/Paleontology and then a Masters in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. I am an avid reader of comic books and novels alike, drummer and a singer in a band, and the co-founder of the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum in Glendive. I applied for this opportunity for the research trip to China because it would be an amazing experience and opportunity to conduct research on the fossilized eggs, would be a major step forward to a career in paleontology, and a wonderful cultural experience! I can definitely say I am a fan of food, and real Chinese cuisine will be a real treat 😉

Nathan CarrollNathan Carroll

I grew up looking for arrowheads and dinosaur bones on my family ranch just south of Ekalaka, Mont. As a kid I was always doing experiments and playing with dinosaurs, and as I got older my toys got bigger and slightly more legitimate. My senior year of high school I built a robotic T. rex skull for a research project that took me to national and international science fairs across the country. I love traveling, although I have never been outside the country (save for that one time that I straddled the Canadian border). This trip seemed like the perfect opportunity to do what I love while getting some great traveling experiences in.

Jasmine CroughanJasmine Croughan

Jasmine Croghan is a paleontology undergraduate student at Montana State University with aspirations of studying extinct mammals.  She is from southeast Denver where she worked with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science before attending MSU.  She plans on attending graduate school in the life sciences of paleontology to pursue becoming a paleontologist.

Jordan DrostJordan Drost

Jordan Drost is currently a senior at Montana State University. Born in Bellingham, Wash., he came to MSU to pursue an education in paleontology. Through the course of his college career he began to notice an apparent disconnect between the scientific community and the general public. It is a gap which he felt had fueled both confusion and skepticism toward the scientific community and one he believed could be closed if only the world of research and discovery were made clear and comprehensible to everyone. With this mission in mind, Jordan resolved to seek out a degree in journalism and scientific writing in addition to a degree in paleontology. Having little real field experience, Jordan applied for the China research in the hopes that he could further his research capabilities and use it as an opportunity to put into practice his goal to bring science and the rest of the world together.

Paige MadisonPaige Madison

I’m Paige Madison, I was born and raised in Vermont and I moved to Bozeman to attend MSU. I am an anthropology major and I applied to go on this trip because I felt that the research would be beneficial to the rest of my education, and who doesn’t love dinosaurs!

Ashley PoustAshley Poust

Ashley Poust is a graduate student with Dave Varricchio. After graduating from Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill., he lived for a year in Wuhan, China and taught English at the Central China Normal University. Ash’s work concerns primarily small Chinese feathered theropods, but he also dabbles in pterosaurs and mammals. When he isn’t thinking evolutionarily, he loves hiking, cooking, and playing racquetball and guitar. He is very excited to participate in this trip and help introduce the wonders of China to a new generation of students.


3 Responses to The 2010 Bloggers

  1. Greg Young says:

    Great to read about your adventures (from an Apple store in San Diego while my wife and daughters shop – Memorial Day weekend). Having brought MSU students to China (2006) it brought back great memories. Safe travels home,

    Greg Young, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, MSU

  2. Sheila Christy says:

    Dear all,

    I love dinosaurs and love to hear my grand daughter Krista tell me about geology and
    paleontology. I live in Grand Junction, CO and enjoy it when Krista comes and visits
    in the summer. She usually goes on a trip of paleontology while here or works for our
    museum. I love to hear about her interests and studies. I attended CSU in Fort Collins and Western State College in Gunnison plus attended other colleges and
    university special projects etc.

    Thanks for MSU communication this summer. I have copied all the letters and read
    them over and over. Thanks for making this possible!! Sheila

  3. Dennis Cash says:

    Hey diggers, keep up the blogs. I am in Heilongjiang for two weeks, and enjoy reading the other MSU stories. I am stirring the earth, but only to plant alfalfa. I bet it is not as hot up here as there! Cheers,

    Dennis Cash, MSU Professor

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