Students measure other dinosaur eggs, visit Buddha factory

 Our field trip started off to a dismal start. It was raining as we pulled into Tiantai after a three-hour or so hour drive from Hangzhou. The ride was uneventful, most of us slept for the majority of the time. After lunch and checking in to our hotel, we drove over to the local museum and met the museum director, had tea, and then walked through the museum. Most of it consists of local history and art, but they did have a dinosaur exhibit, including eggs and quite a few partial clutches. All of us immediately asked if we could measure the eggs, and Wenjie asked the museum director, who said we could the next morning. After the museum, we walked down the street to the Buddha Factory. It was still raining. At the factory, there was a 50-60 foot tall Buddha, along with halls and halls of normal sized buddhas. We also discovered the wonderful fruit that is the bayberry. Our first dinner in Tiantai was filled with toasts, and Dan was invited to sit at the all-Chinese table with Wenjie.

This Buddha is 50 to 60 feet tall. (Photo by Ethan Schreuder).

This Buddha is 50 to 60 feet tall. (Photo by Ethan Schreuder).


One of many halls of Buddha sculptures. (Photo by Ethan Schreuder)

By Devra Hock, 6/13/13

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