Dragon Boat Festival, surprise at the top of the stairs

Due to the Dragon Boat Festival taking place beginning today, we worked both Saturday and Sunday in the ZMNH museum so as not to waste precious time with the specimens. However, once work was completed on Sunday, we got to be tourists for a little while! On Sunday afternoon, we ventured to West Lake (south of our hotel). However, due to our miscommunication between taxi groups, we failed to meet up at the lake. Instead, we explored on our own, taking in cultural sites. That night, a few of us went to the Night Market via the brand new metro system (opened in November 2012, on Hannah’s birthday!). 

Monday was awe inspiring for everybody.  We went to the Lingyin Temple southwest of Westlake and saw 72 sculpted works of art (mostly Buddhas) in the mountain side and a monastery.  Ethan, Dan, and Nick climbed too many stairs to count to the top of a mountain where they hoped to find an overlook, but instead were greeted by a booth selling drinks and snacks.  This side expedition option was outweighed by the numerous turtles that were seen.  Dan was very excited.

We hope to experience the Dragon Boat Festival before leaving for field work on Thursday, June 10.  We are excited about all of this; a unique, cultural festival and a break from the city life. 

Written by: Ethan Schreuder, 6/10/2013


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