Final entry: Returning to Montana is adventure in itself

It seems fitting that our journey home from a trip full of adventures should be so full of adventure itself. From the sweat-inducing half-hour hike to the bus at eight in the morning in Hangzhou to the thunderstorm in Chicago that waylaid any hopes of immediate connecting flights to Montana, it’s like we reek of adventure. Or maybe that’s just the funk of the 30 + hours of travel that has set into our clothes. In any case, the prospect of waiting another 12 hours for the next available flight to Bozeman  seemed less inviting than sleeping at the airport and hopefully grabbing a seat on the 8 a.m. flight. Three of us were lucky enough to be enjoying Montana air by mid-morning on Thursday. The rest of the crew played it cool, enjoyed some time at the Denver museum, and were home safe that evening.

Thanks to everyone who followed our exploits on this blog and for leaving us comments. Due to some of China’s internet restrictions we were unable to comment back (and for a time not even read our own blog), but it was great to hear feedback from all of you. I apologize as well for all of our escapades that did not get recorded on the blog. Sometimes we were doing so much there was no time to blog about it, and sometimes we needed to protect the good name of some of our compatriots.  It’s been a pleasure recording our journey, but now I’m home, breathing in the fresh air after Montana June thunderstorm, and I have another half of the summer to plan out. If any of you would like a more interactive experience of our travels, please stop by the 1080 studio in the lobby of the EPS building on campus. — Nate

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4 Responses to Final entry: Returning to Montana is adventure in itself

  1. Sheila Christy says:

    I repeat. I immensely enjoyed your blog about your trip to China. I had a particular
    interest in that my grand daughter Krista was on the trip. After she got back to Montana, she drove down to Grand Junction, CO. to take a summer job at our museum and work at a dig. In fact, last afternoon, she brought over many items from China
    that she brought back to show me. Wow! what wonderful gifts including a framed picture of her by the China Wall plus a fan, chop stix, tea, paper money and coins
    and jewelry box etc. I took Krista out to supper at one of her favorite restaurants here
    in Grand Jct., “The Olive Garden”. We both had gigantic meals so brought “doggie
    bags” home to have for the next day. I could never get tired hearing of Krista’s
    adventures in China, either……I hope to see more of her since she’s working at the
    museum all summer. Mrs. Sheila Christy, ( would appreciate hearing any comments)

  2. Sheila Christy says:

    I have learned a great deal about China just from keeping tabs on my grand daughter
    Krista on her travels and her parents travels to go over to China to see their daughter,
    Krista who was traveling with the Montana student group going over.
    I am fascinated by their language and writing. I learned a lot about dinosaur eggs, too.
    Thank you for sending your blog to all. It was very educational to all of us.
    Sheila Christy

  3. Badmaa says:

    Welcome back guys !!!

    i’ll see guys soon.


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