Daunting, exciting brushes with fame

Sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while. The last several days have been a flury of cataloging eggs, writing research proposals, and summarizing and analyzing our data. We are now on the tail end of our trip, exploring Beijing and all that it has to offer. Well, as much as we can take in anyway. You’ll have to excuse the randomness and non-chronological order of the next several blog posts, but in a way it’s part of the Chinese experience as well.


One unexpected result of our fieldtrip across central Zhejiang province was local media attention. We were interviewed, photographed, and filmed in each city we visited along the way. In two cases film crews even accompanied us out into the field! Though this wasn’t the group’s first brush with fame on this trip (Chantell and Nathan were interviewed previously at the opening of a new gallery in the museum here in Hangzhou), it certainly was a new experience for me to be followed while prospecting for fossils. At one point I found something and then promptly had to give an interview about its significance! The sudden turn around time could be daunting. But I think we all managed to stumble through. On the upside, we all were excited that such interest could be generated by paleontology. Anyway we missed ourselves on the news but the LiShui newservice posted our segment online so we were able to catch it later on. Check out the link below.- Ashley Poust

TV link: http://news.lsol.com.cn/html/shipin/xinwenlanmu/lishuixinwen/2010/0610/25824.html

newspaper article (in case you can read Chinese)

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