A slice of American (pizza) Pie

It’s a Friday night, we’ve been in China for just over two weeks, and feels like I haven’t had any cheese for least three weeks. The group had a successful week of describing and measuring eggs, putting the count well over 250. Time for some victory Pizza Hut. However, just as Chinese food in America isn’t really Chinese food, American food in China has a distinctive unfamiliarity to it. We were told that Pizza Hut, for whatever reason, was considered a fancy eating establishment and we were not lied to.

Yes, that is a pig-in-a-blanket crust.

 A good sign that we had stepped into a higher end restaurant was our English speaking waiter. Another  was  that most are nestled between  Cartier and Louis Vuitton.  Despite the fact that most of the patrons appeared to be on dates and the menu boasted an impressive dessert menu, the prices were still only about ten to fifteen US  dollars  for a single pizza.  Chinese cuisine can include a lot of ingredients, but cheese is not one of them and so we enjoyed a variety of mozzarella-laden pies.  What else does one do after enjoying a fine cheese pizza with a fork and knife? Go to the movies of course. Luckily Prince of Persia was not dubbed over in Chinese so the group enjoyed (and understood) a good action adventure flick. It’s always interesting to observe Chinese perspectives of American culture especially when it involves a night of pizza and the movies.

The dessert menu was more than the normal cinna-sticks.

 Tomorrow: Xixi National Wetland Park.

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One Response to A slice of American (pizza) Pie

  1. Sheila Christy says:

    How Ba How!! Thank you for your correspondence from the great country of China!
    I would surely like to go there some day. “How Ba How” I think means “hello” in
    Chinese. (or Japanese) not sure.
    It has been very enjoyable to receive all your letters telling us about your trip. Please
    invite your Chinese friends to America. I could put up a few in my downstairs floor,
    near my pianos. Hey, do any Chinese play the piano? It is important for me to know
    about this. Ask them if they ever heard Dr. Michael Baron play when he came to China a few years ago. Maybe they did? Sheila

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