Day 7

Because the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History was closed today, we had a free day to explore Hangzhou and study before we begin our research.  Ash, Jordan, and I took the opportunity to walk to West Lake, the famous lake in the middle of Hangzhou.  We were all taken in by the beautiful weather (enjoying sunny skies for the first time since leaving Shanghai) and lush greenery of the West Lake area.  After crossing a footbridge across the lake, observing kite-flyers and fish along the way, we ascended to gardens interspersed with traditional pagodas.  I felt the most relaxed I had since arriving in China as I sat on a bench amidst foliage that is very different from that of my native Montana.  After exploring West Lake, we walked to a restaurant where the three of us attempted to keep up with the plot of a Chinese soap opera playing on a wall-mounted TV.  In the space of just one commercial break, it seemingly transformed into a spy drama!  Other members of our group spent the morning walking along a river that flows through Hangzhou near our hotel, in addition to discussing some of the paleontology literature in the sunshine.  For a more familiar entertainment, Nate, Chantell, Jordan, Ash, and I spent the afternoon watching American movies on the hotel’s free movie service.  We chose “Starship Troopers 3” and “Art School Confidential” from a very eclectic list.  Dinner took place at a fish restaurant that served West Lake fish, a dish unique to Hangzhou. – Danny Barta

A peek at the temples in West Lake


Hangzhou is an interesting mix of old and new.

Paige meets some of the fauna.

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One Response to Day 7

  1. Nick Gardner says:

    I saw “Starship Troopers 3” a few months back, a truly bizarre and contradictory movie. Right when you think it’s going one way, it ends up blowing itself out the other way with a different ending that is horrific. Overall, it was pretty stupid and awful for a movie, but remember it was a straight to DVD flick on the heels of another. 😉

    The much lower budget and also straight to DVD predecessor, ST2: Hero of the Federation is a lot better than ST3, but none of them compare well with the first, which was a pretty good film all around, imho.

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