Day 2

The second day of preparation was packed full of Chinese history. Pencils frantically scribbled away as 5,000 or so years were jammed into a very informative half hour. Note to self: Read some Confucius.  Jing Varricchio, Dave Varricchio’s wife, gave us a quick tutorial in survival phrases and Chinese customs. Jing is originally from China and will thankfully be accompanying us on the trip. Note to self: Buy toilet paper, being as there are none in Chinese bathrooms.

Hua Li gives us a crash course in Chinese history.

The rest of the day was filled with research brainstorming sessions. These proved to generate some excellent questions about the eggs that we are going to be studying, as well as giving us the opportunity to get to know each other. Getting several hypotheses to mull over the 14 hour trip to Shanghai should keep us plenty busy, as should the mountain of handouts about dinosaur eggs and Chinese phrases.

We ended the day at MSU’s Burns Center with the 1080 Studio in the EPS Building. Here, we learned the quick basics of taking pictures and video. Video and picture media will be collected throughout the trip and then be compiled into a comprehensive multimedia presentation that will be accessible through the 1080 Studio in EPS.

Paige and Krista brainstorm research ideas.

Now for the packing. I will be packing and repacking until the wee hours of the morning, making sure I have everything. It’s a long trip, and some things just can’t be bought in China. Among them are men’s deodorant, regular American sized shoes, and familiar medications. The exchange rate is pretty good for our dollar, so I plan on bringing as little as possibly needed in my suitcase, especially for clothes.  Two pairs of pants and a couple button shirts will be all I will have to start off with, although I plan on supplementing my wardrobe once I get there.

I had planned on bringing swimming trunks for the trip, but apparently the American concept of acceptable men’s swimwear is slightly different and decidedly tighter in China. Pictures may or may not follow to illustrate this point. I finished packing with just enough time to make a scrambled egg and sausage breakfast before heading over to Frankie Jackson’s house for my ride to the airport.

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One Response to Day 2

  1. Bill & Candy Loehding says:

    Great to see these! Thanks to Grandma for sharing with us! Looks like a very interesting trip!

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